Hire Us

We are available for performances and workshops.  See below for our commercial and non-commercial rates.  See also this page for the available line-ups.


We ask charities, schools, voluntary organisations, community groups, etc., to cover, if possible, the expenses we are likely to incur, mostly transport and wear-and-tear on our equipment.  For venues within the  North East of Scotland, we estimate this at £100-£250 per event (pending distance we have to travel) Other terms are happily negotiable. We also recognize that many small groups have extremely limited funding,  we will be delighted to reduce or even remit our fee altogether in such circumstances, helping to support your cause.


We ask profit-making business to make a greater contribution in order to cover our ongoing expenses.  Our fees start at £400 for a single performance at a venue within the City of Aberdeen.  Team-building workshops start at £200.

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